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Paralympics, rockets and puppies all feature in our favourite videos this week from Maltesers, Channel 4, Humane Society and Adobe. Check out the videos below and let us know what you think @rawprouk.

Adobe – The Launch

Chosen by Charlotte; “I chose this because I’m a big fan of this overarching campaign from Adobe, and this is my favourite video from it. As a marketer, it completely resonates with me and it’s refreshing to be targeted with this funny tone – it stands out amongst standard sensible B2B messaging. People forget that marketers (and all B2B customers) are people too! A big reason why this video works is also the title – Do You Know What Your Marketing Is Doing? It’s that intrigue and hint of a solution that drew me in. Often titles and other accompanying copy are often an afterthought in video campaigns, so it’s good to see it used well here.”

Maltesers – New Boyfriend

Chosen by Tom; A short, sweet and super funny piece that’s timely & relevant. Really made me want maltesers too…!

Channel 4 – Rio 2016 Paralympic Games Title Sequence

Chosen by Sacha; I chose this because I love the portrayal of these amazing and inspiring athletes. The visuals and the characters are perfect. It really creates a realistic effect and the audio is great too. Come on Team GB! “.

Humane Society – Puppy Mills

Chosen by Tom; “Cool animation, cute kids, nice message. What’s not to love? Oh – and there’s also puppies. Lots of puppies. An interesting angle on a charity film.”

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