Raw London announced as official creative partner of Climate Week NYC

Climate Week NYC 2018 Raw London Creative Partner

The Climate Group have announced Raw London as their official creative partner for Climate Week NYC, one of the key summits in the international calendar.

The event, which will take place between 24-30 September 2018, is run in coordination with the United Nations and the City of New York, and happens annually during the UN General Assembly. Government ministers, investors, governors, CEOs and mayors from across the world will be in attendance to shape markets and set policy that makes climate action a reality.

First launched by The Climate Group in 2009, businesses, governments, academic institutions, arts and music organisations, and NGOs are all invited to participate in the iconic week. From panel discussions, to concerts, exhibitions and seminars, organisations and individuals can play a pivotal role in advancing the debate, driving awareness, and keeping climate action at the top of the global agenda. Climate Week NYC 2017 was host to more than 140 affiliate events.

As the only official creative partner, Raw London joins 2018 sponsors Microsoft, Johnson and Johnson, Colgate and Ikea to play a part in the event.

Ryan Wilkins, Founder & CEO at Raw London, will also address 250 attendees, including senior leaders in CSR and sustainability, to share how communications, whether through video or other, is a vital tool in encouraging people to change their behaviours and attitudes towards climate change.

As our recent insight piece on Climate change and the challenge of communication explains, this is a huge issue for the sector. The complex nature and size of the problem means it is hard to identify and target one ‘audience’ to communicate. This means that “the more certain the science becomes, the less concern we find [among the general public] in richer Western democracies.”

If you’re attending Climate Week NYC, you’ll find us in the Times Centre on Monday 24 September and in the Hub on the Tuesday 25 September! You can also get in touch by emailing hello@raw.london or calling 020 7831 6060.

See you there!

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