Inspiring campaigns you should know about this month

It’s dark and cold out there, so let’s treat ourselves to a burst of creative inspiration! We’ve let loose our team of strategy and social media obsessives to find the most inspiring campaigns in (and around) the charity sector this month…

Shelter – Brave Face 

Shelter’s new winter TV spot is built around the shocking statistic that almost 120,000 children don’t have a home. Told through one child’s story, it’s a powerful insight to build a fundraising proposition around. 

I think the positioning in this advert is really smart. The balance between parent and child is really important, particularly as we know that audiences are more likely to give over solidarity than pity (a concept we always champion in our DRTV ads too). Shelter’s creative hook in this ad is memorable and powerful. It’s a beautiful way to show the bravery and dignity of beneficiaries, while still evoking enough urgency to drive support and donations. 

Don Mike, Head of Strategy, Raw London

Samaritans – Break the Silence 

Samaritans’ latest campaign, Break the Silence, focuses on a central character talking directly to camera. However, as he speaks, we discover he was once a Samaritans’ beneficiary – before becoming a support worker himself. 

This powerful film does a fantastic job of balancing need, urgency and solution to inspire and motivate viewers. The arresting, silent start, with the protagonist front and centre of the screen, grabs your attention and the clever single shot slowly pans out to reveal light at the end of the tunnel for the protagonist, moving seamlessly from need to impact. What works so well for me is that the simple and urgent call to action makes a clear and unarguable case for support: Samaritans can only be there for people with your donations. 

Hannah Akitt, Strategist, Raw London

British Red Cross – Geography challenge 

In true British Red Cross style, the charity has launched a new gamified social activation. This time, it’s a geography quiz which challenges you to identify as many countries as possible – based only on outline drawings of the countries. Before your results are revealed, you find the purpose: “When you’re under pressure, a minute flies by – but in an emergency, every second counts. The Red Cross is there to help people hit by disasters in 192 countries around the world, including here in the UK.”. Try it for yourself here. 

I love how it focuses on engaging audiences with its brand message in a gamified activation that is accessible and has a low barrier to entry. Users go on social media for entertainment and enjoyment, and this is a really good example of how you can raise awareness of the charity and the tangible need for donor support through a fun and engaging activity. Baking in the challenge element and giving people the option of sharing their results is great for reach too and I’d love to know how many supporters they’ve converted through the activation and the knock-on on donations.

Shaneen Olmos, Social Media Manager, Raw London

NHS and Islington Council – Introducing the Barbers Project

Could you chat to your barber about mental health? This is the idea behind Islington Council and NHS England‘s groundbreaking new programme; Young Black Men and Mental Health. The programme launched alongside our video-led hero campaign, and has since been featured in The Guardian. Watch the full film below.

What I love about this film is that it completely incorporates real people’s experiences. In fact, every aspect is inspired by learnings from our team’s research sessions with young Black men, who shared their thoughts on mental health, as well as their own experiences. The result is just incredible.

Charlotte, Managing Director, Raw London

Sainsbury’s – Once Upon a Pud

Sainsbury’s Christmas ad sees Alison Hammond as a medieval fairytale countess (who is absolutely done with Christmas puddings). The TV ad stretches to an interesting experiential campaign, based on insight that one in five Brits – and almost a third of Gen Z – believe the traditional Christmas pud is on its way out.

In fact, at the Pud you Dare Café you can try a classic Christmas Pudding, alongside a new range. As an added bonus, £3 goes to Comic Relief for every attendee, while any surplus food is redistributed via FareShare.

Let’s see what our Junior Strategist, Laura, thinks…

The pop-up ticks all the boxes for a successful experiential campaign: it engages the senses, is brand relevant, has a positive impact and provides a rewarding experience for customers. It’s great not only for PR, but as a brand piece to inspire loyalty in a crowded marketplace.

Enjoyed this piece? We’ll be back soon with more! In the meantime, got a project you need strategic support with or just want to talk about strategy (did we tell you we love strategy?!), we can help. Drop us an email at

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