Navigating the Greenwashing / Greenhushing Tightrope

In an environment of increasing stakeholder scrutiny and fast-moving regulatory pressure on companies to substantiate brand eco-claims, knowing what to say, when and how can be a minefield.  

On Thursday 8 June 2023, we partnered with consultancy agency, Blurred, to host a 90-minute hybrid event. In a series of quick-fire presentations and panel discussion, speakers from Blurred, Raw London and Mars Inc. explored:

  • Navigating anti-greenwashing legislation without succumbing to Greenhushing – including an overview of the latest rules and guidelines
  • How to plan and execute integrated campaigns, to limit expensive reworking and pushback from Legal
  • Balancing truth and ambition, risk and reward
  • Exploring the intersection of Purpose and creative 
  • Examples of activation through authentic storytelling and creative content

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Thank you!

A huge thank you to our speakers for their openness and generosity:

Ryan Wilkins Founder & CEO – Raw London
Ed Hardy Executive Creative Director – Raw London
Anisha Vikram Shah Senior Consulting Director – Blurred
Romi Mackiewicz Global Director – Mars Inc., Brand & Purpose

About this event

This event was co-hosted by Blurred and Raw London.

Blurred: The strategic and creative advisory firm that operates solely in the ESGP (ESG+Purpose) space, and blurs the lines between sustainability, management and communications consultancy. Contact:

Raw London: The Social Impact Creative Agency. Governed by B Corp Principles, we dare to only tackle the biggest social and environmental causes, firmly standing with brands on the right side of history. Contact:

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