Could you be approaching your case studies differently?

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When you think of a video case study, it’s easy to imagine standard head-and-shoulder shots, an interviewer and a slightly uncomfortably interviewee.

But case studies can be incredibly powerful. They’re able to offer a unique insight into the real people affected by your brand, and can build emotional connections that stay with your audience for much longer than life of the video.

Visuals matter

At RAW, we approach each video case study differently because we believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Too often we see people go first base with talking heads and interview set ups, with a historical review of what happened. And that’s great. But could you do more to really visualise the story to bring it to life for the audience? We’ve collected some of our favourites in this video, to offer creative inspiration for your next case study.

The long and short of it

Our main piece of advice? Keep them short! You don’t have to say absolutely everything in one video, and it’s a great thing to keep your audiences wanting more. Keep the focus of each film on the truly relatable elements of the story. A great example is Cancer Research UK’s latest campaign: Cancer is Happening Right Now. Made up of various short and sweet insights into people’s lives, the films offer an emotional, relatable and powerful insight into living with cancer.

Repurpose, Recycle, Reuse

Parkinson’s UK are a really great example of organising case study content so that it can be re-used in varying campaigns. This candid six-part series follows Shamsa, a 29-year old young mum with Parkinson’s, talking about how the condition affects her in different parts of her life.

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