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A snapshot of 6 films by Raw London nominated at Charity Film Awards 2020

Six films created by Raw London have been nominated at the Charity Film Awards 2020. The awards celebrate the success of film in engaging supporters, driving positive conversations and encouraging donations for good causes. British Red Cross, World Vision, Parkinson’s UK, Tommy’s and Concern Worldwide UK are among those nominated this year.

You can now vote to shortlist your favourite entries! Please vote for each film using the links below.

Shortlisted entries which will then be judged by a panel, which includes 40 digital, social, brand and content experts from the sector, including Francesca Brown, Managing Director & CEO of Goals 4 Girls, Patrick Russell, Senior Curator at BFI and Dr Danny Sriskandarajah, CEO at Oxfam GB.

World Vision UK Age of Innocence

Age of Innocence is the hero film for World Vision UK’s campaign to End Violence Against Children. The animation is based on the experiences of former child soldiers helped by the charity in the Democratic Republic of Congo – where militias recruit children as young as five years old. The film portrays the experiences of three children as they flee an armed group, culminating in the ask to supporters to sign a petition to the International Development Secretary calling for increased investment in ending violence against children.

Using an edgy, retro-style animation, the film achieved a social media reach of more than 500,000 and was among a suite of content which resulted in more than 34,000 people signing WorldVision’s petition and the charity driving the issue up the UK Government’s agenda. VOTE for World Vision UK’s Age of Innocence.

British Red Cross #EveryRefugeeMatters

This film is part of British Red Cross’ new social media movement – #EveryRefugeeMatters – to try to change the conversation about refugees online. This film reveals the reality of life as a refugee and follows one woman as she attempts to rebuild her life one piece at a time. The key objective of the film was to increase UK support for refugees, by mobilising online communities to share our message and potentially go on to take part in our ‘miles for refugees’ September fundraising activity or donate to our global refugee fund. VOTE for British Red Cross’ #EveryRefugeeMatters.

Parkinson’s UK Annoying Isn’t It?

Annoying, Isn’t It? was the last instalment of ‘This is Parkinson’s’ marketing series, which aimed to raise understanding of Parkinson’s within key audiences through a funny video played out across social media. The symptom covered in this campaign was freezing, one of the most distressing for people with Parkinson’s – yet one of the least known. VOTE for Parkinson’s UK’s Annoying, Isn’t It?

Concern Worldwide UK The Ration Challenge

The Ration Challenge film was created to engage audiences with an issue in a unique and original way. Using a social experiment format, it gave members of the British public a glimpse of what Syrian refugees living in Jordan have to live on. The film wasn’t designed to provoke guilt. Instead, it highlighted the fact that people care about what Syrian refugees have to face and challenged the audience to carry out a small act of solidarity. VOTE for Concern Worldwide UK’s The Ration Challenge.

Mermaids ETHAN

In 2018, the Pride Brand Makeover challenged agencies to improve LGBTQ+ representation in the creative industry and media as a whole. Transgender issues are often sadly overlooked or, worse, under fire in the media, so we chose to work with Mermaids and leverage the winning prize to give a transgender individual a platform. The 2 minute film uses an arcade game to visualise Ethan’s journey; with bullies and the struggles of coming out becoming antagonists and hurdles to overcome within the game. The game takes you through three stylised levels, each representing a different milestone or turning point in Ethan’s journey. Through live action and animation, it tells a powerful, emotive story, highlighting Ethan as just like any other 18 year old. VOTE for Mermaids’ ETHAN.

Tommy’s Your Baby’s Mum

This campaign promotes self-care and wellbeing among demographics of women who are less likely to focus on their mental health during and post pregnancy. The manifesto animation expresses the importance of taking time for yourself, and promotes Tommy’s’ innovative new digital wellbeing tool. Vote for Tommy’s #YourBabysMum.

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