Brands join in the Olympic conversation

P&G mother's day campaign

2016 is set to be a competitive year, as Twitter follows the Olympic torch’s journey to Rio, Trump vs Clinton vs Sanders dominates every news feed, and the UEFA European Football Championships kicks off (pun definitely intended). And that competitive spirit is set to be contagious as brands step up their video content game…

Adrenaline-fueled video content dominates 2016

UNRULY, the leading platform for social video advertising, has cited this as one of the biggest social video trends of 2016, claiming “this summer’s Rio Games has the potential to be the biggest digital Olympics yet, delivering ads designed to inspire and amaze…and win our hearts and minds.”

Superhuman content marketing

Channel 4 are smashing this year’s Olympics campaign. We’re The Superhumans is 3 minutes of feel-good, awe-inspiring, heart-bursting joy, designed purely to change your perceptions of people with disabilities. And my goodness does it work. It’s also supported by a playlist of short cast member stories, which add real depth to the overarching message. If you haven’t seen it yet (where have you been?!), watch it below.

It’s not about sport, it’s about emotion

P&G adds a whole other emotional level to this Olympic theme. Centred on the theme of love, the 2-minute ad combines the celebration of Mother’s Day with the Olympic conversation, championing that “it takes someone strong to make someone strong”.


Surprises that win, every time

This video isn’t what you’d expect. It’s not a completely new idea, but it’s really well done. With loads of twists and turns, Nike takes you on a journey with the athletes. But what makes this video especially great is the voice over – for once, it’s not an afterthought – he’s one of the stars.

Aligning brands with audience passions

Of course, a brand like Reebok lends itself to such a sporty theme. But this short, brand-building video takes an interesting angle. The backwards storytelling encourages you to “honor the body you’ve been given”, and drives audiences to affiliate their own desire, growth and commitment with the brand.

Ambitious videos that inspire greatness

Visa’s inspiring video campaign, ‘The Heart’, aligns their brand with the strength, efforts and passions of Olympians. Contagious competitive spirit at it’s finest.

Can you ride the Rio wave?

If these videos have motivated you, or you want to talk more about how this video trend could work for you, get in touch.

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