DRTV campaign that just couldn’t stop driving donations

What we achieved

  • Strategy

    Fundraising Proposition, Digital Campaign

  • Creative

    Approach and Concept Development

  • Production

    DRTV, Social Ads, Digital Ads

We partnered with Save the Children to breathe new life into their DRTV campaign. To help them stand out in a noisy and crowded space, we paired traditional fundraising success drivers with a bold and brave approach.

The campaign was so successful it ran for 4 months longer than planned and, with a universally relatable story, was translated for multiple territories.

Game-changing insight

Our research showed that audiences were becoming apathetic to DRTV, due to an over-saturation of helplessness on screen. So, we decided to jolt them back into action by positioning children as fighters, not victims.

Firstly, we introduced the story of two brothers. As one fights to provide for the other, we highlight the incredible resilience and power of children, even in the face of extreme hunger and malnutrition.

Meanwhile the narrator tells their story, but not as you would expect. In fact, for the first time in Save the Children’s DRTV history, the children are empowered to tell their own story.

Shot from Save the Children's fundraising campaign
DRTV campaign featuring 2 brothers
Siblings from Save the Children's DRTV campaign

Inspiring action online

We know that most DRTV responses happen online. So, we developed a strategy to run alongside the main TV advert. The social and digital ads are inspired by the original narrative and overarching theme, but hone in on small, key moments. As a result, they provoke a strong  emotional reaction – and immediate action.

  • EVCOM Film Awards




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