DRTV appeal for kindness in a difficult year

Close up Mark's face from British Red Cross 2020 DRTV appeal

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2020 was tough. Isolation, stress and loss overwhelmed the best of us. But, as people stood up to help each other, another overarching theme emerged: kindness.

We partnered with British Red Cross to launch a COVID-19 DRTV appeal as part of their Power of Kindness campaign. The film tells the real-life story of a personal emergency – and shows first-hand how supporters can help.

Man reading a pile of bills in a sparse room, from British Red Cross DRTV appeal

As focusing on a single story is a key success driver for DRTV, we based the concept on insight from a real beneficiary’s story. Using his own words, we portray the heartbreak and urgency he felt as he lost his job, and struggled to put food on the table.

While Red Cross volunteers help Mark and his family, we place the emphasis on the viewer to act. The call-to-action highlights the power of kindness, and shows the impact your donations can have for people like Mark.

Partnering with Raw London has been a dream this year – long may it continue! The results we’ve achieved match some of the best in our history and we couldn’t be happier.

Senior Strategist – British Red Cross

The film follows our earlier COVID-19 emergency appeal for British Red Cross, which raised vital funds and awareness to support those hit hardest at the beginning of the pandemic. The advert was created during a state of national lockdown, using an innovative combination of archive and stock footage, user-generated and mobile phone content within the strictest government guidelines.

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