Unforgettable DRTV for an unforgettable year

A torn sign in a shop window reads: 'THIS IS CHANGE' during lockdown

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During a state of national lockdown, we created this captivating emergency DRTV appeal to raise vital funds and awareness to support those hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic. The narrative is based on real-life calls to the British Red Cross helpline, and uses key fundraising success drivers of need, hope and urgency to encourage audiences to donate.

A child's drawing of a rainbow in a window during national lockdown
Old footage of a man with a camera

To deliver this emergency appeal in probably the fastest turnaround in our agency history, we overcame every single filming and logistical challenge imaginable imposed by the early stages of lockdown. We used a combination of archive and stock footage, user-generated and mobile phone content (within the strictest government guidelines) to build a rich, emotive and relatable story around one beneficiary’s phone call. 

The focus on one person’s story offers a different perspective from many other ads in the space, allowing British Red Cross to steer the conversation towards the most unseen people in need. The final creative is flexible and able to respond to the fast-changing nature of the pandemic in the UK – and an evolving national context.

Partnering with Raw London has been a dream this year – long may it continue! The results we’ve achieved match some of the best in our history and we couldn’t be happier.

Senior Strategist – British Red Cross
  • EVCOM Film Awards




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