New streaming campaign fights for better mental health

Streamer Tazcabaz taking part in Mind's streaming campaign #StreamForMind

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The rise of gaming and live streaming has opened up a new and exciting fundraising channel for charities – and Mind is at the top of the pack.

With their first-ever streaming campaign raising far above the target, we got on board to boost their strategy, realign their proposition, and raise even more in the fight for better mental health


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A mock up of Mind's latest streaming campaign on social media in a mobile phones

Starting at the very beginning, we deep dived into insight from Mind’s past streaming campaign, forming the foundations of our strategy and creative approach. 

Streamers, not gamers

Mind’s past campaigns were, by their nature, focused on gaming. Visuals featured retro graphics of joysticks, controllers and buttons alongside branded photos of people playing games. 

In fact, insight showed that while many of Mind’s fundraisers hosted streams on Twitch or YouTube often (but not always) playing games, many would also chat, sing, vlog, paint, and fundraise for Mind in their own way, and within their own communities. And, even for those that did play games, ‘gamer’ isn’t a word they’d necessarily identify with. So, we knew we needed to open up the campaign to include streamers, not just gamers.

Cause connection is key in streaming campaigns

Another key insight was the significance of cause connection as a driver for taking part. Analytics showed that many fundraisers were streaming directly for Mind’s core brand, rather than the campaign itself. This was often because they felt more strongly connected to the cause and brand itself, rather than the messaging in the sub brand. 

As a result, we knew we needed to strip back many elements of the campaign and instead focus on drawing a direct relationship between the streams and their impact.

Crafting the campaign messaging

We decided to put Mind’s new brand at the heart of the fundraising product. With ‘fighting spirit’ at its core, we created a proposition, messaging platform and visual style that inspires audiences to join the fight for mental health in their own way. 

Following the insight, we switched creative focus from gamers, talking instead to ‘streamers and creators’. Reminiscent of old World War posters, ‘Mind needs you’ is a call to arms designed to drive urgency and action, while bringing people together.

‘#StreamForMind’ centres the cause, and is supported by a messaging hierarchy to provide structure for the scripts and copy behind each piece of content across the supporter journey. 

With a strategy in place, our creative team got to work bringing it to life. The core concept for the design was to replace existing gaming aesthetics with core brand elements. To bring in the new brand’s fighting spirit, we used illustrations of raised fists and proud participants, combined with authentic photos and videos of real streamers and creators. Getting streamers involved also helped us harness the power of influencers and ambassadors in the community. 

Designed with channel in Mind 😉

#StreamForMind is a fully integrated campaign, so production on the project was varied. Our in-house team produced more than 250 optimised multi-channel content and campaign assets, including engaging the existing streamer network to provide user-generated campaign content.

In the first month, the campaign achieved 3.5m impressions online, resulting in a 90% increase in signups year-on-year. At the end of 2022, the total sign-ups reached 1600, translating into a whopping 630% increase year-on-year. What’s even more eye-opening is that 90% of sign-ups were registered through campaign activity, resulting in a 35% increase in campaign attribution. All whilst achieving a 75% reduction in cost per acquisition overall. 👏

Working with Raw London to update our streaming fundraising offer has been a delight. Their use of insight to create a campaign that speaks to our audience is exactly what we were looking for. We particularly liked the way our new brand was integrated with the product cohesively, without creating a sub-brand. Less than two months after launching, we are seeing great results and can’t wait to continue working with them!

Bronwyn Carter, Senior Fundraising Officer, Mind