FAQ videos provide online support to patients and their families

What we did

  • Strategy

    FAQ Video Series

We believe that the very best content is relevant, timely and useful to the person it’s intended for. As part of a long-term content strategy, we helped Marie Curie produce a series of information and support films for people living with a terminal illness and their families.

FAQ pages on Marie Curie's website

To bring Marie Curie’s website FAQ and help articles to life, we produced a series of interviews with people living with a terminal illness. Each interviewee shares their own open, honest and heartfelt experiences and advice, helping others in a similar situation.

The purpose is to help people approach difficult conversations – such as talking to children about losing a loved one, palliative care, funeral plans or organ donation.

Raw London helped us develop and grow our online content strategy with fantastic results. Would 100% recommend.

Head of Content – Marie Curie