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Jolt’s mission is to connect talented young people with some of the biggest tech brands in the world. So, they recently partnered with the Government to deliver a bespoke version of the Kickstart scheme – specifically to match the needs of the fast-growing tech sector.

We partnered with Jolt to create a hero film and supporting interviews to raise awareness of the scheme among young people, tech brands, and partners, and position Jolt as game-changers in the industry.

Not your average corporate video

Jolt is not your average business school. In fact, many graduates described their experience as ‘game-changing’, and an opportunity to ‘do the work and learn about yourself’. So, we designed a unique hero film that tells the story of Jolt’s real-life, dedicated and exceptional students.

The film brings to life a universal story of determination. We used camera trickery, transitions and fast-paced cuts to simultaneously show multiple sides of the same person. As a result, we build a picture of her passion and drive, highlighting the inner-conversations and drive you need to keep pushing forward and achieve your goals.

Meanwhile, we chose a soundtrack to reflect and reinforce the character’s journey. The song’s lyrics and constant, fast beat match the narrative’s high energy and pace.

In addition to the hero film, we also created a series of testimonial videos as supporting content for social media. These videos centre on one kickstarters journey, each focusing on different areas of her experience. 

The films will be premiered at a virtual event hosted by Jolt, which will gather innovative tech brands in support of increasing uptake among brands and extending the Kickstart scheme.

Raw London pushed the limits of what we wanted to achieve and I’m so glad they did! The final film is incredible and really captures the essence of Jolt and our students. It’ll help us speak to brand partners and reach our mission of supporting more young people.

GM UK & VP Growth – Jolt