Social video shows EU governments how it’s done

What we did

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    Case Study Video, Social Content

At a time where EU governments are seen to be failing refugees and public attitudes seem more divided than ever, there are inspiring and urgent lessons to be learnt from Bidibidi, Uganda – one of the world’s largest refugee settlements.

Two men work together on a farm
Two men build a friendship in front of an orange colourama

Populated predominantly by South Sudanese refugees, the settlement has become a powerful success story for IRC programmes and an inspiring example for refugee integration and assimilation around the world. These videos aim to highlight the themes of friendship and empowerment that have helped refugees adapt to new environments, learn new skills and contribute to community recovery.

The videos launched IRC-UK’s website and social media channels to raise the charity’s profile in Europe. For social media, one of the films was shot entirely in vertical to optimise shareability and response. This film uses vertical drone footage, interviews and candid scenes designed to give a unique perspective of the people and their environment.