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Everyone knows the British Red Cross help refugees around the world. But many aren’t aware that they also help refugees right here in the UK. We decided to change that – by taking over Refugee Week with this high-profile video campaign.

A close-up from British Red Cross #RefugeeWeek video campaign
A close-up from British Red Cross #RefugeeWeek video campaign
Dark blue background with text that reads: “The separation from my family was the hardest thing. Half of me in the UK, and half at home.”

Many refugees describe arriving in the UK without family, friends and belongings as ‘a life in pieces’ – with “half of me in the UK, and half at home”. 

We used this insight to form the overarching campaign concept; a person made of puzzle pieces, gradually put back together with help of British Red Cross. With this central motif at the core, we designed and produced hundreds of integrated campaign assets across social media, out-of-home advertising, and digital channels. It was even used to engage MPs at an exclusive in-person event (remember those?).

Our main goal was to get people talking – and by the end of #RefugeeWeek, the video had become British Red Cross’ most shared content ever on Instagram and Twitter. British Red Cross had successfully owned more than half of the conversation on Twitter, and they received hundreds of positive comments and powerful feedback from refugees moved by the campaign.

Collage of newspaper clippings from British Red Cross #RefugeeWeek video campaign
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