Unique explainer film unearths forgotten archives

What we achieved

  • Creative

    Concept and Ideation, Storyboarding

  • Production

    Scripting, Illustration, Animation

Holocaust-related archives and collections are an integral source of information for education, research and remembrance. However, the regulations surrounding them are complicated, and can be a barrier to access.

So, we partnered with The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) to promote new guidelines for improving access – and help us deal openly and accurately with the past.  

The concept for this film goes beyond a typical explainer video, and instead brings to life the deep and tangible nature of Holocaust-related archives and collections.

In particular, we were inspired by the journey many researchers embark on, the roadblocks they face, and the power that unearthing lost or forgotten archives can have. For example, changing how we remember a person’s story, or helping us recognise a new truth.

So, the film follows a fictional researcher’s story, as they travel through archives and documents to uncover a real person’s incredible, and previously lost, story. The animation style reflects the tangibility and human nature of the archives, travelling through papers that build overtime to reveal a bigger picture.

  • Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards

    Informational Films and Explanatory Videos



The informational film launched during an online event to promote IHRA’s Guidelines for Identifying Relevant Documentation for Holocaust Research, Education and Remembrance.

It’s since been used to promote and improve access to archival material and inspire researchers and archivists across the globe.