Brand film highlights the refugees behind the numbers

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Every year, millions of people are forced to flee conflict, violence or the effects of climate change. Nearly two-thirds of them, more than 40 million people, stay in their own countries by choice or lack thereof. That’s double the number of refugees.

We partnered with IDMC to bring to life the data behind displaced people worldwide. Using a variety of animation techniques, we connected people to the stories behind the numbers.

Sketchbook illustration using photographs of refugees
Sketchbook illustration using photograph of a refugee camp

IDMC is a data-driven organisation, providing insight that informs people and policy all over the world. To make that insight more accessible, we created a rich visual brand film that not only breaks down complex information, but brings real people to the forefront.

We combined black and white photographs with images and data to represent the various sources of information collected and analysed by IDMC. We bring this together with scrapbook-style graphics such as flipping pages and taped corners. Combined with a powerful voiceover, the result is a cohesive and engaging brand film that helps global audiences understand IDMC’s mission.

  • EVCOM Clarion Awards