Case study video campaigns for a change in the law

What we achieved

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    Film Production, Direction, Social Content

This powerful case study video tackles head-on one of the most sensitive, often controversial topics there is: assisted dying. It follows two young sisters, Marianne and Lily, as they each tell the story of their mother’s death.

The film is part of a series of films highlighting the experiences of people impacted by the current legislation, which ultimately lead to important progress in a change in the law. 

This is a hugely sensitive topic. But, after reading the insight in Dignity in Dying’s new report, we were determined to take audiences on a real emotional journey with Marianne and Lily, hearing their true words, and honest, raw emotion.

“No fucking kids should have to watch their mother die like that.”


The short 2 minute film explores their emotional ups and downs, contrasting their different perspectives and unique emotions. Marianne is calm, measured and accepting, while Lily is angry and emotional at the injustice. The contrast tells a powerful, layered and rich story.

We wanted the film to feel authentic as possible, so Dignity in Dying takes a backseat to their story. This creates a sense of ‘unbranding’ which allows the viewer to truly experience the emotions. The interview is also set in their real home, mixed with footage of them doing normal, everyday things together, alongside personal archive footage of their mother speaking of her own experience.

We launched the case study video alongside a controversial hero film which caused a stir on social media and in multiple news channels, including BBC, Sky News and many healthcare outlets.

Ultimately, this helped us achieve our ultimate goal and, for the first time ever, opposing organisations were working together to change the law – a hugely significant and important step forward for the end-of-life sector.