Heart-wrenching hero film campaigns for a change in the law

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This film tackles head-on one of the most sensitive, often controversial topics there is: assisted dying. Launched alongside Dignity in Dying’s new report, the campaign caused a stir – and lead to important progress towards a change in the law.

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First and foremost, the concept had to reflect people’s real-life experience. So, we interviewed first-hand brave, incredible people facing a bad death, as well as families who have lost loved ones in devastating circumstances.

This insight, alongside the report, showed that we needed to commit to being direct and not skirt around the issue. Because, even with the best possible care, bad deaths and suffering does happen, often unnecessarily.

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Generating cut-through

While case studies are incredibly powerful, we needed a bolder piece of content to raise awareness among the public and attract the attention of other (much larger) organisations – far beyond Dignity in Dying’s usual reach.

So, the film shows first-hand how the issue affects everyone across generations. As a mum explains to her child that his grandfather had died peacefully – we cut to the heartbreaking reality.

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Unprecedented progress to a change in the law

As a result, the film received 250,000 Twitter impressions overnight and provoked a huge reaction from both sides of the debate. In fact, BBC News reported disapproval from many healthcare professionals, while members of the public flocked to support it.

Most importantly, we achieved our ultimate goal. For the first time, opposing organisations were working together to change the law – a hugely significant and important step forward for the end-of-life sector.

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