Using the power of brand to reinvent DRTV

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Long-term conflict in DRTV can often go unsupported and underfunded. This is in contrast to emergency appeals, which sit firmly at the top of the news agenda. 

But, as conflicts rage on, how can the British Red Cross maintain the same level of urgency, attention and – crucially – income?

We partnered with British Red Cross to reinvent conflict DRTV. Shaped by research and fresh thinking, it reintroduces underfunded conflicts to increase fundraising in areas such as Yemen, Syria and Afghanistan.


This was the best creative response I’ve had to a DRTV brief.

Pally McAlley, Senior Strategist, British Red Cross

The news effect

Research showed that the volume of online media coverage surrounding the Ukraine conflict steadily decreased from 520k articles in the first week, down to 70k in September 2022. Moreover, a 22-fold decrease was seen in social media interactions around news articles published about Ukraine between the first week of the conflict and 3rd June 2022. 

And this pattern is synonymous to other recent conflicts. As the world moves, the column inches get smaller. However, British Red Cross are there throughout to support families and people on the ground. 

Conceptual conflict DRTV, stripped back.

Given the challenges around filming in active conflict zones, we had to be strategic in our approach. So, we stripped the concept back and concentrated on a simple idea; a dynamic and direct piece-to-camera. We also focused on three key DRTV success drivers; direct appeal, eye contact, call-to-action.

As a result, the film connects directly with one British Red Cross staff member in an area of conflict. But, as the cameras leave and move on to the next “breaking news” story, the staff member remains in the centre of conflict, hands-on to support.

The campaign launched in November 2022, so watch this space for the results. For more DRTV campaign work, check out our successful value exchange campaign with Battersea.