Tackling knife crime through youth empowerment


With knife crime at its highest point since records began and with young people disproportionately affected by it, StreetDoctors needed to find a way to take tangible action to save young lives. This Snapchat campaign offers a fresh perspective that both highlights the consequences of knife crime and empowers young people to feel able to help.

We collaborated closely with StreetDoctors to create a campaign with a simple powerful message that would show young people what to do when someone is bleeding. Calling an ambulance, making sure you are safe and then applying pressure to the wound are the most important things to do to keep someone who has been stabbed alive. The simple action of applying pressure can be lifesaving and we want to empower young people to help reduce casualties caused by street violence.

At the centre of the campaign is a hero video, supported by a suite of digital assets and a PR and social media plan that reached 1 million impressions and more than 200,000 video views in it’s first week. The film has already been retweeted by the grime artist Wiley and the Home Office, and will soon be featured on TV news channels alongside new research from StreetDoctors.

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