Campaign film helps UK charity reach new audiences

What we achieved

This short and light-hearted film targets a younger demographic than Parkinson’s UK’s typical supporter base.

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    Hero Film, Social Content

Made up of a series of individual vignettes, each one focuses on a relatable scenario that taps into a very British consciousness: the Great British Tut.

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Above Target

As part of Parkinson’s UK’s wider campaign, THIS IS PARKINSON’S, this film aims to raise awareness and deepen public understanding of Parkinson’s symptoms.

Freezing is one of the most distressing symptoms for people with Parkinson’s. When someone freezes they may not be able to move forward again for several seconds or even minutes – they may feel like their lower half is stuck, but the top half of their body is still able to move. This can be dangerous, affecting people’s balance but also their self-confidence and sense of independence in public situations.

Raw London helped us take this campaign out of our usual safe zone and into the psyche and hearts of our target audience.

Campaign Manager – Parkinson’s UK
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    £20,000,000 – £50,000,000 Turnover