Demonstrating the impact of your donations

Save the ChildrenBishara

Save the Children works in more than 120 countries to fight for children’s rights and help them fulfil their potential. This emotive DRTV campaign from Save the Children Germany aimed to generate new regular donors, while raising awareness of the charity’s work and the urgency of their cause.

Themed around health and survival, the campaign revisits a case study from 2011 where, at just 15 months old, Bishara was treated for severe malnourishment. Five years on, Bishara is happy and healthy. The advert shows the life-changing impact that donations can have and, more broadly, the work of Save the Children. This was juxtaposed with the story of Abdi, another child currently dangerously close to starvation in the midst of another East African drought crisis.

There were many critical considerations for this project including the rising cost of DRTV, increased competition and a strict regulatory environment. Despite these challenges, Save the Children were keen to try some new approaches and we worked together to find a concept that worked across all these parameters.

We successfully repurposed images from Bishara’s original story, alongside current footage from East Africa, to present the audience with an emotive and urgent reason to help other children. Using cinemagraph and parallax effects we created a visually and emotionally engaging film.

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