Rebuilding the lives of refugees

British Red Cross#EveryRefugeeMatters

As the world’s largest humanitarian organisation, the Red Cross is uniquely placed to support refugees, people seeking asylum and vulnerable migrants across the globe. As part of Refugee Week, we launched a multichannel video campaign to bring on board like-minded supporters who want to help create a positive environment for refugees and people seeking asylum in the UK.

Based on the concept of missing pieces, the film explores the link between the fragmented lives of refugees and the parts the charity help them rebuild. It follows the experience of many refugees who, often after a perilous journey, have lost key parts of the livelihood, family and identity and need crucial support with things like housing, education and employment.

The 2-minute film is the basis of an integrated campaign which incorporates a whole suite of creative assets and messaging designed and optimised for platforms such as social media, out-of-home and digital. It aims to generate awareness of the charity’s work and drive Facebook users to a new dedicated Facebook page run by the British Red Cross.

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