Inspiring new supporters with the magic of reading

Book Aid InternationalWhere the Wild Things Are

This brand film inspires people to support Book Aid International by powerfully showcasing how books can enrich, improve and change lives. The story captures the impact and empowerment that reading has on remote communities such as the vast Great Rift Valley in Kenya.

Brand Communication
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Created for book lovers in the UK who are not currently active supporters of the charity, the film shows, rather than explains, the change that is made possible when people are given access to books. Through one girl’s story, it shows how millions of people’s lives can be improved by providing basic access to literacy and books.

Launched at an exclusive event in October 2018, this film introduced a new generation of supporters to the work of this small but essential charity. The film was directly attributable to raising thousands of pounds of income and helped to beat their fundraising targets.

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