Animation. Is it right for me?

Chiplotle's animation advert

We get this question a lot and we really believe that using animation can add depth to your content strategy in a way that other styles can’t. Could it help you tell your story?

Animating your brand story

For the past 3 years, Chipotle have invested in animated content with one strong, simple objective – to build an emotional connection between audiences and their brand. While each film is different in style, the sentiment always remains the same.

And it works. Their latest installment, A Love Story has achieved over 6 million YouTube views in just 3 weeks, while Back to the Start and The Scarecrow have a whopping 25 million.

Telling real emotional stories

You might think that a case study needs to show talking heads, or your internal brand film absolutely must include shots of your office. But animated personal stories can actually be just as relatable.

Our award-winning example from The Royal British Legion takes audiences on a literal and emotional journey that wouldn’t be possible without animation.

Simplifying ideas

It’s no secret that the digital revolution has had a profound affect on the attention span of audiences. Explainer and infographic videos are increasingly popular, and successful in making complex information digestible on any platform.

This animation from The RSA is a particular favourite of ours. Taken from an event, this powerful talk, Brené Brown on Empathy, is made even more powerful and accessible through character animation and storytelling.

These are just some examples of how animation can add depth to your content strategy. It really can be a powerful tool in helping you reinvent your brand, messages or information in a way that works for different target audiences, objectives and platforms.

Considering animation?

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