Take the survey: How are you using video in the Third Sector?

Raw London Benchmark Report 2019 Survey

How important is video to your charity? Do you see ROI? What’s your favourite campaign this year?

We’re asking charities large and small about their video content to find out if – and why – it’ll be a priority in 2019. Take the survey to tell us about your content for the chance to win a £100 Amazon voucher.

Building a picture of video content in the third sector.

Last year, insight from dozens of charities helped to build a picture of how video is used in the third sector.

When it comes to reaching and engaging audiences, the report showed that video content still reigned supreme. But certain statistics were still striking:

  • Just 34% of respondents said they had a formal content strategy.
  • Barriers to taking a more strategic approach to content included lack of budget (31.1%) and lack of resources (21.3%).
  • Organisations also felt that lack of audience insight (14.8%) and lack of creative bravery (14.8%) hindered strategic outcomes.

Investing in a content strategy leads to better ROI

However, even without a strategy in place, the majority of charities we surveyed are seeing the benefit of video content – with nearly 74% of respondents saying they are seeing return on investment. A whopping 95% also said they see video content playing more of a role in their organisations in the coming year.

Key takeaways to energise your video content strategy

  • Start with a strategy. Map out your content aims for the twelve months ahead. Thinking long-term will help you match your ambition to your strategic goals, and will produce better outcomes.
  • Ensure all your stakeholders and teams are on board with your content strategy. This will help streamline the process and avoid miscommunication.
  • Have the courage to test, test, test – use all available research methods to your advantage!

We hope this survey will continue to help UK charities benchmark their own performance, and provide both reassurance and inspiration for the years ahead.

You can read more about the project on the CharityComms website or download last year’s report.

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