International fundraising campaign amplifies women’s voices

What we achieved

  • Strategy

    Strategy and Campaign Planning, Proposition and Messaging, Media Planning

  • Creative

    Approach and Concept Development

  • Production

    Photography, Film Production, Digital and Social Assets, Copywriting

Traditionally, women living in conflict zones are portrayed only as victims. Yet, insight shows that this is not always the case. In fact, women in conflict zones often work tirelessly to rebuild their communities, find new ways to feed their families, and even launch their own businesses.

So, we worked with the ICRC and partnering National Societies to deliver an annual fundraising campaign to change perceptions of women who live through armed conflict.

Strategy based on insight

Our strategy was based on insight around the supporter journey, so we planned all content to sit along the marketing funnel with a specific goal. For example, raising awareness of what the ICRC does for women and children in conflict zones, and then converting people who visit the website in response to a DRTV advert.

As a result, each strand of the campaign works together to drive awareness, support, and, ultimately, donations. For example, on social media, we built prospecting posts to raise awareness of the urgent needs that the ICRC responds to in conflict zones. Alongside this, retargeting content re-introduces audiences to powerful stories and drives traffic to bespoke landing pages.

Highlighting real, human stories

To make sure the campaign was based on real, human truths, we identified core content pillars that represented themes that we kept seeing in the stories of women in conflict zones; Head of the Family, Heart of the Community, and Unstoppable Force. Then, we used new footage from Aisha and her daughters shot remotely in Nigeria to bring the story to life.

Integrated annual fundraising campaign

We launched the campaign in two phases, leading up to International Mother’s Day in May. For the first time, the campaign, led by the ICRC and supporting National Societies speak with one international Red Cross voice, with various teams rolling out the campaign across Austria, Costa Rica, Iceland, Sweden, US, Latvia, Norway, Brazil and Switzerland.