Strategic proposition challenges an outdated narrative

Girl facing camera as part of Coram's new campaign #IfYouCare

What we achieved

  • Strategy

    Content Audit and Strategy, Proposition and Messaging Platform

Children and young people who have grown up in care often feel overlooked or misunderstood. So, we partnered with Coram to build new messaging that challenges misconceptions and outdated narratives surrounding care.

Using vigorous research and focus testing, we developed a hero proposition and messaging platform as the basis of their next campaign. The strategy sits as part of Coram’s lottery-funded Voices Through Time programme, which is designed to change perceptions of care experienced young people, and share the story of care through the ages.

Strategy driven by insight

First, we analysed Coram’s existing content, research and business goals, and used this insight to define a clear set of key messages. This formed the basis of our strategic approach, and ensured all messaging was built on real, human truths.

Next, we fired up our creative process. Championing young people’s voices was key, so we worked closely with Coram to test and iterate creative concepts in focus groups.

Coram's new campaign proposition reads '#IfYouCare The real story of care.

Unique creative campaign proposition

The final proposition centres on the campaign hashtag, #IfYouCare. This is accompanied by a targeted messaging platform which directly addresses Coram’s audience and compels them to engage. 

The campaign is due to be rolled-out by Coram’s in-house team soon, so we delivered clear campaign guidelines and recommendations, taking into account key channels and formats.