Easing the pressure on new mums and mums-to-be

Tommy'sYour Baby's Mum

This campaign promotes self-care and wellbeing among demographics of women who are less likely to focus on their mental health during and post pregnancy. We kicked off the campaign with a manifesto animation that expresses the importance of taking time for yourself, and promotes Tommy’s’ innovative new digital wellbeing tool.

Thumbnail from Tommy's Your Baby's Mum campaign

The animation forms the back bone of a distribution strategy and 10 week social media plan with more than 75 bespoke social media assets. Content is designed to reassure new mums and pregnant women, particularly those who may have experienced a previous loss, and ultimately aims to drive traffic to the tool, where they can understand the support available to them.

We launched the campaign across 5 social media channels and multiple target audience groups in July 2019. It’s already received brilliant feedback from new mums and pregnant women and was featured on ITV’s This Morning alongside Izzy Judd, one of the key ambassadors for the campaign.

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