Reminding the nation that a cat is more than just a cat

Cats Protection #MoreThanJustACat

Cat owners don’t just love their cats, they LOVE their cats – with over 8 million felines living with their human friends in the UK alone. Nine out of ten cat owners believe their fluffball has a positive effect on their mental wellbeing, which is exactly what Cats Protection were on a mission to prove with their latest DRTV and social campaign #MoreThanJustACat.

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Working with our agency partner Hunterlodge, the heartwarming studio based film showed a group of people who all shared a reason to why their cat is more than just a cat. From Gerald explaining how his cat Socks is his companion, to Susan saying how her cat Krystal is her support, the short film shoots down animal-naysayers and portrays how important pets can be to individuals. Through casting actors who were all cat owners, getting emotive performances became very organic which was exactly what Cats Protection were after. 

The campaign’s objective was largely awareness for the charity, as well as to encourage cat adoption through one of Cat Protection’s 36 centres in the UK. Ultimately, the charity wanted to create a movement in which their audience created a buzz around cat ownership – with the benefits of having one reaching non-cat owners. Within the first few hours of launch, the campaign was shared across all of Cats Protection’s social channels and earned over 300 comments and 20k views on Facebook. With bespoke content for each social channel, including animated images for Instagram, we have a good feline about this one.

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