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How do you campaign for a change in the law? We partnered with MS Society to do just that – and mobilised 36,000 people to add their name to the campaign.

With a hero film and integrated campaign, we raised awareness of the new PIP 20 metre rule, and helped both existing and new audiences understand the impact on people’s lives.

Our insight showed that there was a lack of general understanding and awareness of the issue. So, we created a film to highlight the impact on real people’s lives. Using a running track to visualise 20 meters, the video features real people living with MS, who can walk further on some days than others as their symptoms fluctuate.

As a result, we reached our goal of 36,000 petition signatures – 20,000 in the first 17 days. 264,000 people watched the hero film, and the campaign was mentioned a huge 165 times in the press.