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What does your name mean to you? For most people reading this, your name will be an important part of your identity. It represents who you are, and even influences how other people see you. So for the transgender community, it can mean everything.

This is insight from a series of workshops with transgender youth. Many described their name as a significant stage in their journey, helping them, and those around them, to acknowledge their identity.

You can watch the full film with captions here.

Ethan, the case study protagonist, with a quote:

With that in mind, this film is a reimagining of one trans person’s journey. As a character in his very own video game, Ethan overcomes obstacles and adversaries to collect each letter of his name – and affirm his gender identity.

We worked closely with Ethan to ensure every element reflected his experience. For example, the obstacles in the game represent the bullying and internal struggles he had to overcome.

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Challenging misinformation

Unfortunately, one of the biggest challenges facing gender-diverse young people is stigma, largely due to misinformation or lack of representation in the media. So, we teamed up to take the problem to Outvertising’s Pride Brand Makeover competition.

The competition sees agencies and brands reimagine existing campaigns as more LGBTQ+ inclusive. We chose to recreate Teenage Cancer Trust’s Gamer Girl as a trans person’s story – and we won! The prize? The opportunity to partner with Mermaids, Gay Times, YouTube, and Outvertising… and a £165,000 media prize.

As a result, the film has since been viewed over 1.5 million times. In addition, Gay Times featured the campaign in a landmark 500th issue, and received praise from the transgender community.

While negative press still surrounds the rights of transgender people, our authentic story challenges misconceptions, and takes a step towards a more inclusive society.

Gay Times magazine with Mermaids UK & Raw London double spread feature
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  • Outvertising Pride Brand Makeover with Gay Times and YouTube

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For our small LGBT+ charity brand and important message to be appearing on Ellen, James Charles, TedX content is quite something. Big thanks to Raw London for your efforts making this happen and great work. This difference this has made for us is huge.

Communications Manager – Mermaids UK