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What motivates you to donate to a cause? For traditional DRTV, it’s often victims of disaster, disease or conflict. The most powerful ads, however, appeal to your desire for immediate and direct impact.

We placed this insight at the heart of MSF’s direct response TV campaign, which brings donors on a journey with heroic frontline workers.

Archive footage from MSF's Direct Response TV campaign showing their workers on the frontline
Frontline worker from MSF's latest Direct Response TV campaign wearing a mask

A creative approach formed on insight

Research shows that MSF’s donors are driven to support the nurses, doctors, technicians and experts that bring medical care to those that need it most.

So, meet Dr. Erin Kilborn, a doctor working on missions in Haiti, Syria, Gaza and the Central African Republic. Using her narrative alongside existing archive footage, we bring the viewer on a frontline adventure. They see first-hand the fast-paced nature of medics in action, and the impact their care has on people around the world.

Importantly, the concept incorporates many key fundraising success drivers. For example, we focus on a single person’s story, and maintain eye contact with the viewer throughout. In addition, the pace and tone builds throughout to create a strong sense of urgency, compelling the viewer to take action.

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