Using video to connect with current and change perceptions

This post is intended as an overview of  a speaker session at our charity event The modern charity: Using video to connect with current and potential supporters, which took place on 14 July 2016.

Using video to connect with current and potential supporters

Louisa Wells, Creative Director at RAW Productions, wanted to use a case study to show how powerful video can be in connecting with, and changing perceptions amongst, current and potential supporters.

The Royal British Legion was founded by veterans after the First World War, to help and support veterans of war in Britain.

But what does a veteran look like to you? Probably something like this:

RBL veteran

But the Afghan war was a turning point. There came a sudden and urgent need to:

  • be seen as relevant to younger and more diverse people
  • raise awareness not just about remembrance, but about their practical help and support
  • help modern veterans and families in a modern world.

So today, the people The Royal British Legion support often look more like this:

RBL veterans

The Somme

The Somme is known as the bloodiest battle in history. 1 July 2016 marked its Centenary, and The Royal British Legion wanted to mark the event, and encourage younger audiences to learn and engage with it.

The challenge: Make a 100 year old war resonate with 25-44 year olds today.

Primary objectives

  • Reach a younger target audience
  • Primarily 18-44
  • Male and female
  • Utilise social channels
  • Without alienating existing supporters


  • Universal theme of friendship
  • Timeless, personal narrative
  • Be emotive

Overarching sentiment: “Those people were like me”


  • Stand out on social media
  • Direct to audience
  • Inspired by spoken word
  • Balanced modern/traditional


  • 53% YouTube viewers in target demographic
  • 98% new audiences
  • 338,000  views on FB
  • 7,000 likes 2,000 shares
  • Coverage on ITV News
  • Amazing audience feedback
  • And that’s just the beginning!