Empowering young men to save a stranger's life

Anthony NolanBe a lifesaver

Young men provide more than half of all stem cell or bone marrow donations for people with blood cancer and blood disorders. Yet, they make up only 15% of Anthony Nolan’s register. This campaign aims to empower and encourage young men to join the stem cell register by showing how life-changing it can be – for them, as well as the people they save.

The film focuses on the journey of Lamar Roberts, a professional basketball player from South London. It tells his journey towards joining the stem cell register, relaying the emotional impact joining has had for him. Through a high profile TV ad campaign, the objectives were to increase prompted brand awareness, introduce digital fundraising as an income stream and, ultimately, recruit young men aged 16-30 to the stem cell register.

Within just 2 weeks of launch, 297 applications were linked to the campaign, 224 of which were male. 53% of these applications resulted directly from clicking on a paid ad and in total 45% of all online applications were male. Reach and engagement on social media has also helped Anthony Nolan engage with more patients and their families who are needing a transplant, raising awareness of their work.

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